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Latisse - What is it?

Latisse for eyelash growth is a modified ophthalmic solution previously used in the preparation for the treatment of glaucoma. Being ineffective in this spectrum, the drops showed an amazing side effect, affecting the growth rate of eyelashes. That is why they were not discontinued but underwent further development, turning from an ophthalmic drug into a cosmetic product.

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In the cosmetology industry, the product is extremely popular as an effective powerful drug for the restoration of eyelash and eyebrow hairs. The Latisse remedy, which you can buy at the pharmacy of an authorized distributor, is based on the active component of bimatoprost, which enhances the hair growth process. The product is a sterile solution that, for cosmetic purposes, is neatly distributed along the root line of the eyelashes

Experts often recommend buying Latisse in Moscow and other cities of the country as a patient with slow or insufficient eyelash growth, provoked by hypertrichosis or artificial damage to the ciliary fibers (victims of fire, artificial hair extensions, various diseases, etc.). Latisse has been proven to be highly effective: customer reviews and clinical studies fully support it.

Origin history

How did the legendary Latisse come about? The tool for eyelash growth was developed by specialists of Allergan company - the manufacturer of Botox and Juvederm, so beloved by Russians. The owner of the above brands initially developed the product as an anti-glaucoma drug, which at that time was called Lumigan.

However, soon patients began to notify the manufacturer of the unusual effect of the drug: it contributed to the darkening, tightening and accelerated the growth of eyelashes. As a result, the now-famous cosmetic product Latisse for eyelash growth appeared, which anyone who wants to improve his appearance can buy.

the effect

Consider the mechanism of action and the effect that the serum Latisse provides. The tool for eyelash growth, reviews of a woman about which you can read on our website, is based on the active substance bimatoprost, which is a fatty acid. This substance in a small amount is contained in almost every cell of the human body.

When the serum is applied along the base of the upper eyelashes, the bimatoprost component penetrates to the depth of the hair follicles, causing their increased blood supply and forming the necessary nutrient medium for the effective natural growth of hairs. As the results of clinical trials show, after a four-month course of applying the drug, the eyelash thickness increases by 106%, pigmentation by 18%, and length by 25%, respectively.

It is worth remembering that Latisse is an innovative tool for eyelash growth, which every girl can buy, regardless of financial situation. This is especially important since in order to maintain a vivid effect it is necessary to use the product on a regular basis. After the cessation of Latisse application, the eyelashes will eventually return to their original state according to their life cycle.


The active substance in the composition of the drug is represented by the bimatoprost component, which relates to prostaglandins and acts as a physiologically active lipid acid. In a limited concentration, this component is present in absolutely all cellular tissues of the body.

When applied, the substance is actively absorbed, stimulating follicles and enhanced eyelash growth. In some cases, the second layer of the ciliary row may grow. With regular use of the drug for 4 months, it is possible to achieve the most noticeable beneficial changes.

In addition to bimatoprost, lattice additionally includes benzalkonium chloride (has antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties), citric acid monohydrate, sodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate, sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, distilled water.

10 minutes after applying the product to the skin, the concentration of the active component in the blood plasma reaches its absolute maximum, and after 90 minutes it drops to a minimum. Bimatoprost is excreted through the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

In case of negative reactions of the body to any components of the lattice composition, its use should be stopped immediately. Most women confirm the excellent tolerance and consistent effectiveness of these cosmetics.


The Latisse eyelash and eyebrow growth remedy have a number of undeniable advantages, thanks to which it is in high demand from the moment of its appearance on the world market to the present.

The product allows you to effectively increase the density of the hair, stimulates enhanced hair growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, in just a few applications it allows you to increase the pigmentation of light eyelashes, awaken even dormant hair follicles.

The process of applying serum is unusually simple and takes a minimum of time, making it absolutely uncomplicated to use it at home. Affordable price allows you to regularly look after your eyelashes and eyebrows with an effective quality product.


Lattice serum is contraindicated in pregnant women: there is no evidence that the drug can harm the health of the fetus and mother, however, due to the lack of clinical trials of the drug among pregnant women, its safety cannot be guaranteed.

Also, you can not use serum during breastfeeding, in childhood, with increased susceptibility of any components that are part of this therapeutic and cosmetic product.

With extreme caution and strictly on the recommendation of the attending physician, the product can be used for:

a prolonged course of diabetes;aphakias;damage to the posterior capsule of the lens of the eye;increased plasma cholesterol concentration;nephropathy;the presence of risk factors for macular edema with potential subsequent development of blindness;arterial hypertension.Adverse reactions

Violation of intraocular pressure. According to the manufacturer, such a reaction appears exclusively with regular contact with the eyes. To avoid complications, you must use the correct technique for applying the product.

In the United States, Latisse is only available on prescription, so we recommend that you make sure there are no contraindications by consulting an ophthalmologist before using the product.

Temporary skin pigmentation. Regular exposure to the drug over a period of time leads to the darkening of the skin at the site of application. For many women, the dark strip formed along the eyelash line is some advantage, as it resembles an aesthetic drawn arrow and saves time on makeup. After stopping the use of Latisse, pigmentation passes on its own.

Darkening of the iris. For owners of brown eyes, this reaction is mostly invisible, while light-eyed women may note that after a few months the use of lattice, the iris of the eyes became darker.

According to reviews from the Internet, women with blue, gray and green eyes should not worry, however, if the eyes are interspersed with brown or yellow, the probability of changing the iris to brown is high.

The appearance of puffiness under the lower eyelids. There is a possibility that this complication is caused by drops in intraocular pressure. If you observe a similar symptom, you must temporarily stop using the cosmetic product, wait until the swelling has completely passed, and resume using it with strict observance of the application technique recommended by the manufacturer.

A sensation of dry eyes, a change in the direction of growth or bending of the eyelashes.

Recommendations of doctors and cosmetologists

Often I came across information about this product earlier on the Internet, and recently the patient brought in an appointment for a consultation. The composition is relatively safe - there are components that can cause a negative reaction, but with proper careful use this can be avoided. The active substance bimatoprost really has the ability to influence the hair growth rate - this is confirmed information, therefore, from the point of view of aesthetics, the product justifies the manufacturer's promises. With eye diseases and mechanical damage to the skin of the eyelids, it cannot be used. If there is no certainty that everything is in order with intraocular pressure, it is better to consult a doctor. In general, I can call this serum average in terms of safety. You can use it, but wisely.


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